Coaching is a conversation with the coach guiding you to explore aspects of your life that you are not happy with. To do this effectively I use a range of non-invasive techniques delivered face to face or via video call. I use Zoom ( can be other free internet video services if you prefer), to connect with you so you don’t need to travel and can fit sessions into your busy life. The number of coaching sessions you need depends on your situation so I tailor my services to meet your needs. However, as you will want to know how much it is likely to cost here are some examples. Contact me to discuss what is right for you or to book.

Get Started – £30

Whether you have something specific you want to achieve or need help defining how to achieve a happier, less stressed, more confident life this 45 minute session will get you started.

Explore Deeper – £125

A set of five sessions by video call will keep you focused and motivated, including email support. By the end of the first session you will have identified the priority areas you want to work on, set yourself short term goals and identified the steps you need to take to achieve them. At following sessions we will review progress and set further steps to take to move you towards your goals.

Breakthrough Session – £75

This is the perfect session if you are stuck, not knowing what is holding you back or how to break free. You will know what you want, but can’t seem to progress towards your goal. You may be struggling to deal with Impostor Syndrome or other limiting beliefs. By focusing on your inner story, I identify the limiting narrative and work with you to replace that with a narrative that serves you and supports you to move forward. The process takes 2-3 hours and can be delivered in one session or spread over two if preferred.

Focused half day- £130

Suiting those uncomfortable with IT, this concentrated session is delivered face to face over coffee near my home in Yorkshire. During this session you will; identify personal goal;, understand what is holding you back ;learn how to use personalised tools and techniques to move forward with a happier low-stress way of life. Price includes some email or phone support for up to three months.

“Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior. People are simply unique, incomparable.” Osho


“I have learned a lot during the sessions and was able to achieve the goals I set for myself during our 1st session. Due to the positive experience I had with Anne I have now decided to continue my work with her and focus on my work/life balance going forward. I would strongly recommend Anne as Life Coach to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life, would like that extra support in accomplishing their goals, or even are just looking for someone independent with whom they could look at the events happening in their life and draw the positive feedback out of them.” 


“I booked 3 sessions with you for to help me to gain the confidence to talk about myself and what I do in college for my university interviews. I previously struggled with selling myself when talking to people about the work I have done. The sessions really helped me gain confidence and I went to my 3 interviews feeling a lot more prepared .  I spoke a lot more confidently at the interviews.
I secured my first choice place which I am really excited about. Thank you for your help.” 


“Anne is a gifted coach and I really felt she combined natural empathy and her professional coaching skills to support me to clarify the goals that I needed to focus on. The sessions were tailored to encourage me to really articulate to myself what my values and goals were and then for me to identify steps to reach them. Anne didn’t dispense solutions or offer answers but supported and helped provide the tools for me to do that myself. In my view that makes her a great coach. After each session I felt more empowered and had more insight into what I wanted to achieve and what steps I needed to take to get there. Thanks Anne.”


“I was going through a difficult patch where I was losing my self-confidence, thinking negative thoughts and needing to find a new job, so I decided to get in touch with Anne for some coaching.  Anne was great right from the start.  She listened and then helped me to think about things differently, looking at the positives and helping me to define goals.  We would agree small targets for me to achieve in between sessions, which helped me to focus my energy.  Anne helped me rebuild my confidence by pointing out the positives and steering me away from the negatives.  
After 5 sessions, I have achieved the goals I set for myself.  I have increased my self-confidence, I am feeling much more positive and I have got a new job with the organisation I really wanted to work for in the field I wanted to work in.  Although I am where I want to be, I am not going to become complacent and will continue to work with Anne in the future but on a less regular basis. ”


“Anne helped my teenage daughter after she suffered a bad relationship breakup while she was taking her exams in year 11/12. My daughter had no focus or positives thoughts and felt lost, but after talking to Anne face to face, she began to concentrate on herself and what she enjoyed doing as an individual instead of as part of a relationship. She now knows that people want to stay in your life when you are an individual who makes the most of everyday, while caring for others without giving them the power to control her life.”


“Anne helped me gain confidence and helped me find my purpose again.” “Anne has been really supportive and taken the time to understand the problems I have had and helped me find solutions to deal with the changes I am facing in my life”


“I had the pleasure of working with Anne and quickly realised that she is an excellent coach. She is both encouraging and supportive, but she also challenged me in a constructive way – this was just what I needed. I can thoroughly recommend Anne.”