What is Anne’s Positivity B.A.S.E. all about?

My aim in setting up this membership group is to provide a starting point, a solid base, to get all aspects of your life aligned and working for you. As a member of this group you will find information on;

  • Belief- how to become comfortable being you and grow in confidence
  • Achievement – setting and achieving personal goals
  • Stress management – how to build resilience and handle stress better
  • Empowerment – using tools to provide balance and meaning to life

What does membership give you?

Once you have joined you have immediate access to a growing library of information videos, suggested exercises and documents. The content is available for you to access in the order and at a time that suits you in bite-sized chunks.

To help you get started, answer a few easy questions and I will suggest where you will gain the most benefit.

Each month new additional content is added giving you more information, techniques and motivation.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to join a monthly live Q&A session with me via zoom. You can ask me whatever you like at this session and get to meet other members of the group to share thoughts and progress.

As an added bonus members receive a 20% discount on the full price of my other services.

What is your commitment?

Membership is on a reoccurring monthly basis. In other words, you pay upfront for a one-month membership and that repeats automatically each month for as long as you want to be a member. You can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

You will hear me often repeat that you get the best out of your membership if you take action and try out the techniques that I will teach you. If you change nothing, nothing will change!


Why do I need a membership?

You may have a shelf full of self-help books and you listen to podcasts from self-help guru’s every day, but ask yourself why they are not working? The simple answer is that stand-alone information, whilst great does not include any amount of accountability. With my membership, you have access to great information but are also encouraged to monitor progress and change in your behaviour. You also have a monthly group chat with me to iron out any issues you have. Why not give it a try for one month?