Most of us have elements of stress in our lives, and while in small doses that can enhance performance (think exams, interviews and races), the long term effects are seriously damaging to both mental and physical health.

When we feel our lives are heading out of control its so important to get help and do something about it. I wanted to find a way to help busy stressed people reduce that stress without adding expensive time consuming appointments into their diary. This stress reduction package is my answer. The elements set out below mix self- learning and action with private coaching.

There are three short videos to watch focused on the topics shown. These can be watched at your convenience in one sitting or split up. The choice is yours.

Next you work through the information and exercises in the 15 page workbook. There is no short cut to this but it can be done in an afternoon or in stages. It is aimed at getting you thinking about different ways to handle the areas of your life causing you stress, and putting them into action.

The final stage is your private coaching session with me. We will pick up areas you have highlighted from the workbook exercises, and together identify strategies that will work for you. The end result is a more resilient you living a lower stress life.