My Story

Following a second diagnosis of breast cancer in five years, the penny dropped. I was making myself ill. Or at least allowing stress to compromise my immune system to the point it had little defense. With a busy job, two children, husband and home there was lots going on and I was overwhelmed by it all. More than once I announced that I just needed the world to stop turning so that I could catch up. Well I got exactly what I asked for, a break from the pressure of my job and everything else in my life.

During my treatment and subsequent recovery I started to pay close attention to my thoughts and feelings. I recognised the signs of stress building and addressed them immediately. My thoughts and the emotion attached to them were focused on what I was grateful for, what I wanted rather than fear of getting what I did not want.

Having applied the techniques I now use in my coaching, I am calmer than ever aiming to live each day to its fullest. I love life!

“Complete healing depends upon our ability to stop struggling”

Deepak Chopra