I have added this page to help you find resources easily. You will also find copies in specific BASE  sections.

I recommend that you use this template when you first start and at least every three months thereafter. The aim is to take stock of where you are and the progress you are making. it will help you focus on the areas that most need attention. 

The Wheel of Life diagram helps in many ways. You will see it in the Achievement section linked to goal setting but it is also useful for ensuring you have balance in all areas of your life.

Managing your self-talk is an important skill if you are trying to build confidence and self-belief. You may want to look at the Belief section video on self-talk before completing this worksheet.

Although the Stress management section is devoted to ways of dealing with or better managing stress, this fact sheet will give you some simple tips on dealing with feelings of overwhelm.

Understanding and then using the level of control and or influence you have in any situation will help you manage any associated stress. It also helps you understand when you are best to let the situation go!

Use this worksheet alongside the two Dare to Dream Videos in the Belief section. Together they will give you a start on unlocking the ability to identify what you want for yourself. The three affirmations listed under dare to Dream will also help.