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The New You: Tools to increase confidence, resilience and purpose

My first book is published! In essence, the book covers my personal story and shares the tools I used to change my life.  I do hope you both enjoy it as a read but use the tips I share and change your life too.

Available on Amazon now for £8.99

Guided Meditations

From boosting your immune system and sleep quality by improving your mood and reducing stress, there is no doubt that a regular meditation habit has a place in modern life.

There are many different types of meditation practice but I like to keep things simple and accessible. Each guided meditation takes you through the process of getting comfortable and how to breathe so that you can simply relax and follow my voice.

Each of the five meditations is different and has a brief guide to what it contains. They last approximately 10 minutes so they are perfect for those starting to meditation.

UPDATE Bonus 15-minute meditation now added.